Sunday, February 25

Another Week in My Life!

I can't seem to get anything organized in my life, lately. Can you try to do too many things at once? That is probably my trouble. Things I want to get done:

  1. Get my stamp room organized
  2. Finish up the swaps I have signed up for.
  3. Clean My House - UGH!
  4. Go visit some of my friends and mail others a card.
  5. Build up my Stampin'Up business - I have been very reluctant to do this. But there is so many new stamps, papers and embellishments coming along this summer - I just want to share with everyone!
  6. Make an opportunity to visit my in-laws, spend more time with my two boys, and maybe make time for myself and Gayle!

Ok - A woman can dream can't she? I wonder how many more people have the same thoughts, (except maybe the stamping parts) as I do?

In Sunday school today, our lesson was listing the qualities of a husband and qualities of a wife. If you are married, I'm sure you realize that these lists were opposites in most things.

Husband .....Wife

Leader........ Teacher

Provider...... Organizer

Protector...... Nurturer

Dreamer ......Practical

As the examples above show us, the old saying "opposites attract" pretty much runs true, but we also complement each other. God made us to need each other and today people are looking for "material items" to meet this need. It just doesn't work. My best action for completing all the items on my list would be to pray and ask God for his help. I think I'll spend the rest of this day doing that.


traci said...

u know i like to organize!! so i can help u do that!!

Trish D said...

Isn't it great that the Lord designed us to work together as a team with our spouses! (I know I could never be married to someone like me - I'd drive myself crazy mighty fast!)

Good luck with getting everything on your list taken care of!