Sunday, August 26


Jason and Hunter wishing everyone a happy day!

Devon and Chloe - it's not camping until you eat the marshmallows! As the weather was hot, we did not bring out the chocolate bars.
Blake didn't let us bother him when it was time to eat - he just took matters into his own hands and face!
Phyllis was instructing Terry on the use of a digital camera . Phyllis is usually the photographer in the family.

This is a little late in reporting - but it's worth not missing out on! Recently Gayle and I went camping at a small campground call the OutPost around Cave Run Lake near Morehead, KY. We asked Gayle's sister to come with us - after making lots of arrangements, they finally made it down on Saturday. And even better, it was like a family reunion - my nephew, his wife, and their two children came down (this is Phyllis & Terry's son). Jason, Traci, Hunter and Chloe managed to come down on Sunday. The weather was hot, but it was a special time just to have family together.

We had recently traded RV's and this was the first outing for our new fifth wheel. It passed the test as it was nice and cool inside with plenty of room for all the kiddies and adults to be comfortable. We had opted for a model that had 2 large slide across from each other and makes the living area spacious. I love it!

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Cheryl said...

HI Betty, Sure sounds like a great weekend to me. I would love to see your camper. Sounds like ours but newer. I love the opposing slides. I don't feel penned in at all. You have a great looking family. Love all the photos. Keep up blogging.