Thursday, January 31

A New Friend

How fun today was! I had the great pleasure to meet a fellow stamper. Isn't is one of life's pleasures to have friends that enjoy the same things you do? Stamping, card making and scrapbooking have led me on a path that has opened up new areas of creativity and artistic avenues that I would not have chosen for myself.

SplitcoastStampers (SCS) is a community of generous people willing to share their ideas, talents, and creative resources to others for just being in love with the art of stamping.

More about my meeting with Joani, a fellow SCS member. She had posted a thread seeking other stampers in the Kentucky are. I commented and then we start e-mailing. She is located within 30 miles of where I live, so we decided to meet for breakfast and exchange a card. Check out her website and blog.

I also got to meet her mother, Rose, who was delightful. Joani is very creative and has a supply of luscious designer paper! We shared many ideas and thoughts today - I truly enjoyed their fellowship and of course the Cracker Barrell breakfast. Yummy!


Cheryl said...

Lucky you!!! I wish I could meet some fellow SCS'ers. At least I have email. Good for you.

Joani said...

Betty! We also had a wonderful time! I can't wait to do it again - and maybe next time we will stamp!
BIG HUGS to you,

Joani said...

Betty, take a look at my blog! I've awarded you!