Tuesday, February 12

A Visit from my Sister

Today, I enjoyed a visit from my sister, Sandra. It snowed and then freezing rain made the roads hazardous and she took a day off from work. She hadn't been over since before Christmas, so this was a treat for both of us.

She has a friend who is getting married shortly and wanted me to help her with some scrapbook pages to make an album. How fun it was to go through more of my "stash" and discover items that were stored away. Sandra was in shock as to how much supplies, paper, and other scrapping items I have. I told her it was an accumulation of 5 years and it's hard to pass up sales on papers and embellishments, much less being a Stampin Up demo and keeping up my quarterly quota!

We finished 12 pages 12x12--some are listed at bottom of page. For some reason I couldn't get them on this post..... Sandra also made a valentine card for her "sweetie"! ( I forgot to get a photo).

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