Sunday, March 2

Havoc in my Scrap Room!

Just how many times can you redo a scrap room without totally loosing everything you own? These grand ideas of a neat, organized, non-cluttered room that you can conveniently work in -

A Myth! Maybe if I label everything I have a better chance of locating items

There is no way for me to unclutter this room - just see for yourself.

I have two of these terrific shelve units which will hold up to nine of the totes or baskets, of which I love - thank you Lowes! Remember, this side of my room is not the side that got a makeover this weekend. Just what to do with all the delightful craft magazines, the tons of info for techniques that I have printed from SCS, and not to mention all my stamps?

Ok, I really did make some progress because I filled a trash bag full of stuff which I hadn't used in years.

My hubby says a messed up room looks creative and makes me look as if I'm busy. (perhaps he is right this one time only?)

I am really blessed to have a hubby that is creative -- he made me this shelf thingy to hold my punches (he didn't go with the idea of using curtain rods-so he adapted the ideas with dowel rods and misc. wood pieces from his shop) and I really think it looks great. My son had made me the ink/ribbon holder when I first started in crafts - now I will use it for my odd inks since I use SU's color caddy . He is working on making me a holder for my spools of ribbon, so I can get them off my desk area. I'm waiting patiently. This is the second of those shelve units I had mentioned previously. It has adjustable shelves, so now I can display my finished scrapbooks that were hidden in a drawer. The hanging paper holder is loaded with Bazzill and My Mind's Eye paper which I hoard.
OK - Confession time--
While I was putting the scrapbooks on the shelves, I took time (most of my Saturday!) to look at them again. My addiction for my family photo's is something I plan not to be cured of!


Joani said...

Oh Betty, you are so lucky to have an "inside" room. I think it looks fine ~~ and like your DH say's it makes you look creative :)
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Betty
I had to say I love the punch rack and the ribbon holder. Oh to have a craft rooom.... sorry, my stuff is limited to rubbermaid tubs (I'm in a little appartment with my Hubby & 2 kids). Your room looks great!
Happy crafting