Tuesday, March 4

Yummy Ribbon!

TEASER: Before you can see my ribbon holder - you have to look at my grandchildren!!

These are formatted using a template from Picture It! The template just suited the idea I wanted to get across (innocence and awe of youth) with these photos'. When Hunter and Chloe's mom was working, she let us babysit - what memories those days bring back. Love it! They grow up quicker than I can scrap - these were taken almost a year ago! Traci is a great daughter-in-law and she doesn't mind us having them at least once a week. My neighbor had given Gayle this light which has fish in it which move as the light warms up. Chloe and Hunter spent about half an hour just watching.

Oh - Oh - I am doing the Happy Dance! I am a hoarder of ribbon and designer paper - all I want to do is look at them, they are so delightful and they comfort me. Previously, I have tried several storage systems and never was satisfied with where the systems had to be stored, like on my desk, in a bin or whatever. A friend, Joani in Georgetown, commented that she had seen on SCS gallery for room makeovers, a ribbon holder made out of a 4" PVC pipe that had been cut in half and mounted. Click! a lightbulb went off! My hubby could do that! Here is his creation!

We decided to mount in behind the entry door to the room which is dead space anyway. I chose also to have my ribbon tails hanging down, I love the way the colors blend together and it makes it easier to decide which ribbons to use on projects. Sometime I will pick the ribbon to use first, find paper, then sort thru my photos to see which one to use. I have to keep it simple or else my mind wanders to housework and other things. Ugh! This holder allows me to give up the "Dig n Search" method!
Quote of the day:
"Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live."

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Joani said...

Oh Betty! What precious grandchildren! If only they'd stay little.
I'm so excited about the ribbon holder! Yours looks awesome! I can't wait, I can't wait!!
Looking forward to another play day!