Sunday, April 6

A Blessed Sunday

WOW! I am enthralled with this beautiful spring day. When we came home from church, I noticed all the sounds around me: lawnmowers cutting fresh spring grass, sighting the first purple martin for the season checking out their homes (we have 3 houses for them), the smell of magnolia and some pink bush that is in the front of our home. Aaaaah - nothing can be better.

Here is another sign of Spring - my hubby, Gayle, washing his truck. He told me he would try to get to my car also. He took the lawn mower out to make sure it started. Now we just have to wait until our ground dries so I can mow. Mowing is my favorite summer project....


Cheryl said...

Oh so pretty. Don't you just love spring?
My hubby would love a lawnmower like yours. wow! Do you ever mow with it?

Joani said...

Spring is here! But it doesn't last for long. Love those magnolias, they are so pretty!!
When hubby's done there he can come wash mine too! Better not, the dirt's holding it together :)