Wednesday, July 16

How exciting is this?

I am so glad that I added this "guestbook" link to my page! I have been so excited this week to actually "see" fellow scrappers that have been in swaps and online groups that I participate in..... It sure makes people see more real when you can place a face with them.

That probably sounds pretty simple to most of you computer guru's out there, but I still have trouble making the time to post to my blog. Maybe if I didn't try to do so many things in one day, I could become more focused.??? My dear hubby has this "thing" about gardening for the past few years and now is the time to harvest. He does the planting and picking and helps me do the canning also. Really pretty neat if you think about it. I use to count the number of jars that we canned, but we do so much that I gave that chore up!

Lately I have been in some awesome swaps with cards and atc's [:)] and it is fun to watch as everyone's creativity (including mine) grows with practice. If you have never participated in a swap - please try them!

No pictures right now - have to go run errands !

Have a Super Day!

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Nicola said...

Good luck with all your canning.