Monday, August 18

Camping In Your Own Backyard

So, our money is "tight" at the moment. I have been wanting to take the camper to a campground for a little relaxation. Camping gets rid of my stress--it seems if I am home, there are thousands of things that need to be done, I make lists - none of it gets accomplished. I mean really, how do you choose which items needs my attention first?
I think Gayle's objective was to shut me up so he moved our camper to our backyard. Now you must remember we have 3 acres and our double-wide sorta sits in the middle of that. On the photo to the left, you can see a tent shaped like a gazebo? That is on my back deck and my house is behind those trees and shrubs. This location protects us very well in the winter!
This photo shows the camper set up, complete with grill, lawn chairs, an old tire wheel for campfire, 4-wheeler (to go to mailbox and get my mail-Ha!) a trailer that has a load of branches and limbs that blew out of trees during our last storm. We have a special plug on the back of the house dedicated just for the camper, so I can have air-conditioning, a water hose hooked up for water, but Alas, no sewer hookup . We just move the camper to our sewer system for the house and unload! Is this redneck or what?

This would be the view I can see from my back deck of the house . Gayle has taken this opportunity to redo the roof - you know painting on that protective stuff, washing & polishing the camper, and all that other maintenance stuff......

The grandkids love coming over so we can eat our lunch in the camper and take our naps. We have a full size bed in the front (which is end where gas tanks are) then a nice living room, kitchen/dinette area, and double bunks then a bath in the rear.

So what do you think? I would love to read your comments!


AngelRenee said...

Hey Betty pretty cool. We didn't take a vacation this summer either. Maybe I should set up the tent and sleep under the stars tonight LOL NOT..

Love the pics.. Looks like you and the grandkids have lots of fun together and they will remember camping in the backyard.

Mel M. M. M. said...

TOO neat! Looks like a great way to save gas and that's lovely that you have lots of space on your property. Your grandkids look so cute toe to toe! :O)

Cheryl said...

Well Betty, you know what I think--I adore camping anywhere. We need to set ours up like that in our back yard. The only problem is that ours is very close to the house. Yours actually feels like you are camping. Love your yard.

Joani said...

That's nice that you've shared your pic's with everyone! And I can say I've been there :)

Love your new blog look too!