Saturday, November 29

The Adventure Begins!

Today is Saturday, Nov 29th and I am sitting in a hotel room in Woodstock, Canada! Surprise....Gayle had to come up here to do some consulting work on equipment and I was invited to come along with him and we got to bring our dog budye. I know you are probably thinking - what do you do in a hotel room for this period of time......Answer: anything I desire!

Seriously, I enjoy the time away from the "daily grind" at home. Not that i do much housework or anything, but when you are at home 24 x 7 there is always something that can be done and I don't just start one thing, I go along and do many things and finish NONE of them--which therefore, stresses me out to where I find myself doing less. Makes sense? probably not, but it's the way my mind works.

I did not pack much scrapbooking supplies because you never know what you might run into at the border crossing. Older family photo's is my focus for the next week -- organizing in a way that they can be scrapped into albums, recording data on ones that I shall not use. 38 years of photo's in 2 weeks????

Our trip was smooth - as we entered Michigan, it had started snowing and was lovely to look at. At the Canada border, it was snowing again - in the area we are at, they had 3-4 inches the week before and is still on the ground in places.

The hotel has a wonderful restaurant with reasonable prices, there is a small shopping center across the road - so maybe next week I will venture over there.

I awoke Friday morning with a stuffed up head, headache, feeling sick--my decision was to just stay home, but Gayle said no way was i staying...after I got up and took some medication, I felt better. today I have just rested in the room and hopefully will fell great in a couple of d ays.

More later!

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Joani said...

Betty I hope that you feel better soon! Nothing worse to feel icky when your not in the comfort of your own home.

I'll miss you! We'll have to have a day when you come back!!

P.s. At least you can keep updated on the blogs Ü