Sunday, November 30

Gayle got back to the hotel last night about 6:30 and we went to a local restaurant for dinner. This morning I got up early enough to go eat breakfast with him at the hotel's restaurant. Budye and I went back to bed about 9:00 and slept another hour or so. I've already spotted several stores to visit next week - don't know if I will purchase anything but it's interesting to see new items from merchants that are not chain stores.

Outside is chilly and windy, no snow, but inside is warm and cozy! These are things I give thanks for. Several inspirational programs have been on tv today, so I suppose you can say, I went to church. Lunch today was just a bowl of soup from the restaurant; very tasty vegetable, tomato, noodle soup.


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Joani said...

Ah Betty, it's chilly here too. Soup sounds good but all I've got is cream of celery - ugh.

Just sitting here making cards today. I've got plenty of Christmas cards done and I keep making them.

Miss you!