Friday, December 5

Scrapbooker Personality

Each day, I have been checking out for their holiday specials. I ran across the page that shows "scrapbooker personality" on it. After much consideration, I'm still in the dark as to what kind of personality I should choose as my own...How about my readers checking this site and let me know what they think "my personality" as a scrapbooker is...

OK, this is Day 6 in Canada and I wanna go home!!!!! The day we arrived here, I awoke with a nasty stopped up head and cold - I'm coughing constantly and just feel so yucky!

This ailment is cutting into my shopping and touring time. There is a store around the hotel called "Canada Tire" - they sell lots of merchandise other than what their name implies. They featured a terrific sale on thursday and I found something for Chloe and Hunter that was on their list - YEAH - that made me feel better!

Hugs to All!


Cheryl said...

When are you going back home? Bet you are missing the kids, aren't you? We just got home from taking my mother to FL for the winter. I can tell you that we loved the weather there and the green trees and grass. Hope you feel better real soon.

Barb said...

Hope you're having a fun time in Canada where your dollar is worth so much more than What part of Canada are you in?

It's a toss up if your the Gift Giver, Diamond Diva (blingy betty) or the Die-Cutter. Does that help you out a