Sunday, December 7

We went Christmas Shopping!

FaLaLaLaLa! We went Christmas shopping! So you think "why are they shopping in Canada?"
I suppose because I can say we did?!?!? We checked out several stores and Gayle found several items for his list. Can't tell you who or what - 'cause Santa is checking his list twice...

I have been trying to upload some photo's but so far haven't had any luck. And again, no luck!

The weather is chilly with about 6 inches of snow but they keep everything passable and no problems getting around. Everyone is courteous in their driving habits, which makes it easier for us to motivate around. Made a trip to a local grocery for sandwich and junk food for this weekend and sitting around watching Christmas movies on the tv.

Oh yeah, we are probably the only room in the hotel with our heater in "fan" mode instead of "heat". We are on the first floor but the rooms must be insulated really well since right now it is 20 degrees......



Cheryl said...

You must be feeling better, Betty. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. How much longer are you going to be there?

Cindy said...

Betty not sure you will remember me from CMBH but It's Cindy from Ontario. It sounds to me like your enjoying your trip up to my country. I hope it all goes well for you. Too bad you weren't closer or we could get together. I'm in Aurora, about 2 hours or so from where you are at the moment if your still in Woodstock. Anyway fun keeping up with the blog.