Tuesday, January 13

Stamps for Sale!

Stampers don't miss these great deals! I have been cleaning and organizing my stamp room ( I will not say for how many times this has happened!) but have pictures of stamps that need a new home here


Edited to add my e-mail to contact me: bgtodd2003@yahoo.com

Now as I mentioned, cleaning - ugh - I despise it with a capital D.......look at this photo to see how much stuff has accumulated (by who's hand, I do not know) Would ROFL but there is not a clear space to accommodate me!

I had these wooded shelves with bins in them, but I never could find stuff I needed even though they were labeled. I am a labeler! So, I went to the garage and cleaned the dust off my rolling plastic thingies and started again. It really seems simpler for me. I am even taking my favorite Stampin"Up! stamps out of their boxes and arranging them in drawers by labels such as: Sentiments, Inspirational, Page Starters, Christmas, Other Holidays. Now I can go to that drawer, look at the stamps, pick out the message for my card or scrapbook and put it back (important factor here). Anybody want to share their craft rooms?


crystle said...

Has anyone bought the Feathered Friends set yet for 15.00
what is the shipping on it?
Do you take checks?
would be shipping to nj

E.T said...

How can i contact you for the stamps? Thru stampin up?