Monday, March 16

My Purse

I recently read this cute story in a christian magazine. I could relate to this and wanted to share with my blog friends. NOW for the fun part--comment with a similar embarrasing situation you have had and on Monday, March 23rd - I will randomly draw a winner for items you must always have in your purse (can't show you a photo or it won't be a surprise!)

A Purse Full of Purpose
“That’ll be $1.86,” the clerk told me as she twirled her hair. Reaching into my purse, I began the search for the loose dollar bills I had dropped in from a previous bank run. Triumphantly, I raised a one dollar and laid it on the counter. The clerk smirked with impatience and began to mentally sum up the items of the man behind me. Feeling the pressure to conclude this transaction, I continued looking until I spotted another dollar at the bottom of the purse. I exclaimed, “Here it is!” as I extracted the dollar and placed it in the clerk’s hand. Then she looked at me and then looked at her hand. She began to laugh. I always like a good joke so I began giggling, too. She held up my other “dollar.” I had handed the lady a panty liner! Horrified, I mumbled, “I suppose you only take American currency here.” I threw some change down, grabbed my goods and made a break for the car.

You might ask, “How could that happen?” That question could only come from those women who carry what I like to call the “Boy Scout Purse.” The people who carry this type of purse believe “A place for everything and everything in its place.” This purse-carrier is handy to have around because its owner is always prepared—no matter what. Got a cut? They’ve got a Band-Aid. Lost a button? They’ve got needle and thread. Short on money? They’ve got a coupon—lots of coupons.
Now, mind you, I have all of those things in my purse, too. It’s just a different type of system. I like to think of my purse as “free and spontaneous.” My husband calls it “The Black Hole.” If he needs money I’ll tell him, “Look in my purse.” He rolls his eyes and says something like, “I’ll find a giant squid sooner.” I laugh, “You just have to know where to look.” I take the purse and begin to pull out all kinds of fabulous items. There's a rumpled used tissue, wadded up candy wrappers, here’s a sticky note with a message on it to call someone.” Unfortunately, it’s sticky for reasons other than the manufacturer’s design a few coins in the very bottom and finally a $5.00 bill stuck in a lone corner. “See, it’s all in there,” I smugly reply. But there’s no answer. He's already found his checkbook.

I've even got in the car to go run errands when-- Oh, no! It’s not there. I can’t believe it. I’ve forgotten my purse. I can’t go anywhere without it. What a terrible feeling. I stop immediately, go back to the house to pick up my purse so I can get on with my day.

Have a Blessed Day AND Don't forget your Purse!


Joani said...

Betty ~ that story is so funny. And I can hear Gayle saying that too!
Thanks for the giggle.

Jill Haddad said...

Cute story Betty. I try to "forget" my embarrassing moments as soon as they happen - but there is one I can still vividly recall. When I was about 15 yrs old our youth group was canvasing the neighborhood inviting the neighbors to come visit our church. One nice young man came limping to the door and chatted with my friends and me for several minutes. As we were leaving I smiled and wished him a "speedy recovery" for his foot. He informed me that he thought it wouldn't be too quick a recovery as he had lost his foot in Vietnam!!!! I was mortified!!!!!