Monday, March 30

Shopping with Friends

Wow! Friday, March 27th was a terrific day for me. Joani and Rose and I ventured out to Louisville, KY to attend the Creating Keepsakes show. The day was sunny even though just a bit windy, no rain, easy traffic, found a close parking place, had a $5.00 discount for entry fee -- What more could a scrapper/cardmaker ask for????

Lots of vendors and attendees to oooooh and aaaah over products. Some vendors had make-n-takes, but this year they charged a fee, so we skipped this part to see what products we could spend our money on instead. We really did not find any great bargains, but I saw several products that I was not familiar with, watched some demos of them being used - stayed away from the Copic markers, but made myself at home at the "Skinny Cow" ice cream booth!!!! YUM

As you can see from this photo - what happened in Louisville - stays in Louisville!!!!!


Barb said...

OOOOh,lookslike you guys were having just way too much fun, great pic.

Paula said...

Hello Betty, thanks for stopping by
It looks like you had a great time in Louisville!