Friday, April 17

Altering 101

Wow! What a beautiful day this has been! Gayle did not have work today, so he got to enjoy the warmth and sunshine, even though most of his day was spent either in the greenhouse or his garage. He has been "altering" an old boat trailor to make it work for our golfcart so we can take it camping with us - I'm hoping camping time is just a few weeks away!

We got to have the company of Chloe and Hunter this morning. Traci had a photo shoot at her studio and Jason needed to finish a carpentry job in Lexington. They ate breakfast with us, then was ready to go outside. I needed to do some computer work, before we ventured outside, so I asked them what craft they would like to do.

Chloe wanted to re-decorate one of my Target mailboxes, but I like it the way it is. I happened to have a red one and a white one that had not been "altered" yet.

My desk had bunches of scrap paper on it - so with the help of a few punches, some embellishments that were in a drawer, few pieces of scrap ribbon and of course we had to have "bling" - here are the results...... ( I won't show you what the floor and the 2 work tables look like right now)!

We spent rest of the morning and noon time riding around in the golf cart learning about nature, checking all the trees and evergreen shrubs for "pupae"-- a new word Chloe is using now. She informed me this meant insects changing from one stage to another stage. We really wanted to find a "butterfly chrysalis" but we never found one.

Oh Yes! I failed to mention that this golf cart has had it's share of "altering" also. So, if anything in our house, garage, shop, greenhouse, etc. will sit still long enough - it will also be changed just like the pupae !

Happy Friday!

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Joani said...

Oh Betty ~ it sounds like you had a wonderful day! crafting, nature and the kiddies! I'm jealous!