Sunday, April 12

Delightful Easter

Hello family and friends. Here's hoping your Easter was as nice as mine! Church services this morning were extra special as they had the youth and 5 and under children singing with the choir. Some are so talented with lovely voices.

Wish I had a photo to show you - they had a wooden cross that was covered with chicken wire, and each person in attendance was given a carnation when they entered. We then took our carnations and put them on the cross --It Came Alive with various colors and reminded us that Jesus Lives! I had never seen this done and really thought it was a thought-provoking gesture.

Lunch was at my house with both my boys coming over. My grandkids even ate lunch just so they could open the small gifts Gayle and I had gotten them. The Easter Bunny came their house and left some surprises for them.

Of course, Easter would not be complete without an egg hunt! I got the privilege of hiding the eggs and what fun Hunter and Chloe had finding them--they just couldn't figure out how bunnies got eggs in trees!
Blessings to all!

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Joani said...

Oh Betty ~ how nice. It looks like your day was special - and with the little ones. I miss that.

I'm glad your day was a great one!