Friday, May 15

Catching Up on a Lost Project!

Does this look familiar to any Scrapbookers?? Yes, these are scrap pages that just need final touches, like embellishments, journaling, headers, etc. I finished these last year while we were camping in W. Va. Gayle had a job up there for about 3 months, so we took our camper and this is what I did to occupy my time. By the way, it has taken me months and months to put away all the craft items I had loaded up in the camper, so now I will turn my attention to this chore. I started out doing scrapbooks in chronological order (with 2 grandkids was pretty easy to keep up). Now, I am going back and doing some of my two boys in their earlier years, so scrapping is done haphazardly. I just pick out photos, then go to my paper stash - I even try to use my delicious hoard of designer papers and ribbons. They just are so fun to look at!

Have a Stamping Day!


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Paula said...

Looks like you kept yourself busy!That must have been nice camping and cropping together! I hope to get some of my books finished in the near future.