Tuesday, May 12

My Garden Story

Caretaker of my garden!

Water fountain and pond has been redone several times and I still can't decide what it needs. Originally I had goldfish and they lasted about 3 years even thru winter...
The Herb Garden is delightful in scent and color variation all through spring, summer, and
the fall.

When I get up in the morning and stand at my back door - ummmm the wonderful smell of lilac!
Lilac has to be my favorite smell of all. A garden is sorta like writing a book - you never know what will go into the next chapter (or in this case, an empty spot in the yard). I have always enjoyed planting shrubs and trees - I'm not a very "flowery" person, so they are used sparingly; I enjoy my plants to be random instead of a structured formal look.

  • First photo is the lilac bush - it has really grown in the last 3 years and the smell is heavenly.

  • Photo on top, right is a pink flowering______something!

  • Photo on bottom left is a variagated weeping tree that was suppose to grow only to about 5 feet tall and wide -- it is lovely in the spring and I have it beside our back deck.

    Photo on bottom right are my purple iris - they are planted beside the steps leading to our front door. These iris's have many miles on them! They originally came from my mother's home, and I have moved them over the past 35+ years every time we moved - and that was almost every year! So they are very durable for a beginner gardener.

    A few years ago, the back of our house was abundant with all types of ground covers, bee balm (butterflies love them), lavender and to the side was my herb garden, which now I have put in pots. The weeds took over last year, as I was not able to tend because of my arthritic shoulder, so my hubby sprayed with something that will destroy all weeds for one year - therefore, herbs ( sweet basil, purple basil, rosemary, dill, sage) are in pots for this season.......I will pick them and dry them in paper bags to use for seasonings.

Hope you are inspired by these colorful photos.....

Now off to mow the yard (we have 2-1/2 acres)



Joani said...

Oh Betty, how lovely. I wish I had a nice yard. Your's is truely awesome!
Thanks for sharing.

Paula said...

Hi Betty! I can tell you enjoy your plants. Lovely story about your Iris. The purple shrub is a Weigelia. The cultivar may be 'Wine and Roses'. TFS! See you at CPCM!