Saturday, May 2

Polly Pockets

Friday's are sleepover nights for Chloe and Hunter. Gayle and I look forward to this time each week with the grandchildren. They are always full of energy and excited to tell us (both at the same time) what they have done during the week.
Usually we have play-dough time but Hunter wasn't interested to today, he wanted to play with our dog, Budye (a bichon). As they were having a good time, Chloe went and got her box of Polly Pockets and we dressed, undressed, dressed and then took them out to play in the rain.

Bedtime is where my patience comes in - praise the Lord that he has given me this patience - I just wish I had it when my boys were small- it would saved us all a lot of bad times. They have bunkbeds at our house, but still will not sleep in them overnight - it's more of a play yard for them. So Gayle slept in the bottom bunk and I shared the big bed with two babes that have arms and legs that go everywhere when they sleep! It's the usual ritual of potty time, brush teeth, getting a drink, getting their sleep buddies and just plain old settling down.

Their mom is really good at making sure her family has healthy foods to eat. Well, mamaw and papaw serve chocolate donuts for breakfast - How fun is that?
We always have hard boiled eggs and bacon also. One of my e-mail buddies sent me this awesome you-tube video on how to peel eggs. So I tried it out and it was a hit with the grandkids. Got grandkids or little ones? Go here and make them WOW over you!

Have a super weekend - go hug someone you love!


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Paula said...

Love this post about the kids and I had to see the video on the eggs too!