Thursday, June 4

Finding Faith in Relationships

Purse card that Joani made for me - gotta love it!

Satan plays dirty. Really dirty.
He is so clever at finding our weak spots, to trip us up as we walk the paths God has for us. He whispers not-so-sweet nothings in our ears. He beguiles us with our best temptations. He tells us we deserve the best. But we have grown strong and mature in the Spirit and we keep hanging on to God--and we don’t succumb.
That’s when Satan takes the gloves off. If he can’t cause us to stumble, he attacks those areas we are weak in (for me it is finances). He whispers and beguiles and spray paints lots of greener grass, laying his traps for our vulnerabilities.
He distracts us from God’s work for us. And he inflicts so much pain in the process.

These words may not mean much to you, but if you are a born-again Christian, you will understand these thoughts. The past few months has tormented me and my husband with more problems than you could think of! But, God always opens a door for us, it just has to be our will to go through it.

This week I decided to go through that door. Normally, I stay at home and after my basic (and yes, I mean basic) housework is done, I enjoy browsing blogs of fellow stampers. It amazes me of their creativity! Designing a card or scrapbook page is not difficult but color co-ordination is a challenge for me. Ok, on to my story - my neighbor asked me to ride with her to her doctor's appt in a neighboring town. We had a great time discussing spiritual viewpoints and how easy it is to be "sidetracked" just in our daily walk. She treated me to lunch at Pizza Hut and I ordered lasagne, my favorite pasta dish. The day was just refreshing and opened my eyes to the blessings my husband has provided me; a nice home, all my critical needs are met, he has no objections to my Stampin'Up hobby (scrapbooking and cardmaking) and most of all , he loves God and me.

I have also been blessed with stamping friends that the internet brought into my life, some I have had the pleasure to meet in person and have play dates for our stamping obsession! Just check out some of my favorite links listed on this blog and you will see the special people in my life. If you live in KY and are close to the northern town of Burlington, check out this site for a fantastic stamp event that is coming up in July -- but hurry, there are only 2 spots open! the ladies who host this, go above and beyond to treat us like queens!
This is my card for the day - The photo is awful!
All items used from "Stampin'Up!" Basic gray cardstock, layered with pink piourette punched with scallop border then was stamped with versamark and added dazzling diamonds to highlight (set used "So Much" ) finished with regal rose 5/8" grosgrain ribbon along with soft subtles brads--


Joani said...

Betty, you almost made me cry with your post! I thank God every day that I met you. You bring such joy to my life with your friendship ~ you are an honest, true friend. Thank YOU for being you.

Stephenie said...

Hi Betty! I love what Joani made for you, it is wonderful. Your post about Joani is wonderful! You two are lucky to be such great friends and be blessed by God with that beautiful friendship. I'd love to see you all! I'm still as busy as ever but would love to make up some time to see you both!