Saturday, November 28

I am such Lazy Blogger!

Hello to my Friends and Family! I am embarrased to say that I have not blogged for so long~I think I am Queen of Laziness!!! Really, there are just things that keep me busy (not productive) but hey, that's my life.... We ended up having a Thanksgiving dinner -- which Gayle decided we would do on Tuesday before....anywho, a nice day with the boys and their families!

My crafting projects have been making lots of cute items for craft fairs and bazaars with my firend
Joani . We launched into this new world with great expectations of having "Sold Out" signs on our booths -- NOT! Both craft fairs were duds and we sold very little. We have come to the conclusion that we live in the wrong area - we think we should move to Florence (KY-that is)! Our friend Beth does fabulous with her items and they are so cute - I have linked to both blogs so take a peek!

I was blog hopping this morning and signed up for a free stamp give-away, from Simon Says stamps ~~click and find out more! I have never won a freebie, but it is fun to try....


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