Friday, November 5

Tool Time

Stampin' Up Grid Paper

Before I begin to stamp...even before I choose my inks, stamp set and card stock, I reach for one tool every time - Stampin' Up!'s Grid Paper.  catalog page # 198   #102787   $9.95

The main purpose of this pad of 100 sheets of 11" x 17" paper is to protect your work surface. But there are many more uses. The paper has a ruler printed on the edges, a chart with common card dimensions and plenty of room to take notes about your project like what colors you used and what size you cut embellishments. The grid is marked at ¼" squares so it makes alignment of project elements a snap.

You will find this paper perfect for using under a Stampin' Up! wheeled project. You'll have lots of room to run you wheel right over the edge of your card stock without worrying about getting ink on your working surface. You know what a potential mess using glitter can be...put down a sheet of grid paper and when your are finished sprinkling your work of art you won't have glitter all over your work space. When you are done with your projects for the day, just roll up the grid paper and throw it away. That's a quick and easy clean-up!

Here is a Quick Trick from Stampin' Up!

"If you struggle with lining up and spacing your titles, stamp them on the grid paper first, following the grid lines. Then place the grid paper over your project but below where you want your title. Line up the stamps following the same grid lines you used to stamp your title on the grid paper."

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