Saturday, January 22

I'm Doing It Again!

Can you guess - What I am doing, Again?  Well, nothing super just re-arranging this darn room again!  My hubby just put up a piece of wood to use as a work table!  He is pretty handy to have around and we usually have scraps of wood laying around as my youngest son's profession is finish carpenter and brings us his leftovers from custom built-ins that he does.
I think it will be so useful because I won't have to move my cutter, Big Shot, dies and all that "stuff" I can't work without!  And it's just the right height....
Here is a picture - not fancy but useful - still have a long way to go!

 Anyone recognize the "bag" on the floor?  WooHoo Leadership!  As you see, it didn't take long to fill this space up and I love that my 2 roll-arounds fit under the table they wer behind my door and totally in the way!


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